BIGO KissMiss Finally showed her Nipples - 01 10 2020

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8 months ago 186,358 01:50:49
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WATCH BIGO KissMiss Finally showed her Nipples - 01 10 2020

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Mehrdad_ward's Avatar
Mehrdad_ward 6 months ago

Why for me video has 1:10 min

john's Avatar
john 6 months ago

waste of almost 2hrs, skip to last 2 mins to see her flash. These are horrible fat girl tits. The nipples are so light you can barely see them. The nipples are not even hard. Useless nipples and areola. But even this girl gets money it's amazing. 1:38:57 you can see her actual face before the "facetune" kicks in. What do you guys think? Are these the worst tits ever? No hard nips, almost no pigment to the nipples and the aereloa are stretched so much from her gaining so much weight.

wsadsa's Avatar
wsadsa 7 months ago

which minute?

anonymous's Avatar
anonymous 8 months ago

Is this going to get fixed?

mike18562's Avatar
mike18562 8 months ago

Video wont work.

Vanonemes's Avatar
Vanonemes 8 months ago

Anyone knows why she was crying before flashing her tits ?

dad's Avatar
dad 7 months ago

she's drunk as fuck. saying shit like "people just gave me so much money for no reason".

Vo14an14-'s Avatar
Vo14an14- 8 months ago

1:49:00 also hurts your tits 😂

Vo14an14-'s Avatar
Vo14an14- 8 months ago

friends in the last 2 minutes of the video. opens her boobs in the last 2 minutes. Just follow there you will see.

Grandmaster1488;)'s Avatar
Grandmaster1488;) 8 months ago

Got you

Typhoon's Avatar
Typhoon 8 months ago

This is not working